Evening Standard

April 2017


look to the future: How to create the cosmic effect in your home

Roddy Clarke on the latest design trends for your home interiors

Futuristic styles have slowly crept into the mainstream and one of the most refreshing and unique trends of 2017 has been “Cosmic”. Advances in science and technology have a huge impact on our lives, influencing the way we think as well as what we buy. These innovations have guided the cosmic design trend and ‘extraterrestrial’ themes are popping up all over the place. Design shows this year have brought in a heavy cosmic influence with some incredible, show-stopping pieces.

Think iridescent colours, an emphasis on dark stones and marbles, as well as ethereal textures and fabrics that toy with the mysterious element of the unknown.

The cosmic trend is truly out of this world and shows no sign of abating. It may seem daunting but here are some simple ways to bring this trend into your home and wardrobe.

Wallpaper The use of dark walls has become more popular again over the past year and it works especially well with the cosmic theme. This outstanding wallpaper is designed and hand-painted by the designer Stephanie Dedes Reimers who has created her brand Sarkos and their Cosmos ranges are representations of the universe and how small details can create such an expanse. The quality and Elikonas design give that sense of wonder you get when standing looking at the night sky on a clear, rural night. Sarkos ships internationally from New York.