SARKOS was founded in 2015 by spouses Stephanie Dedes Reimers, an artist with a lifetime of experience in fine and commercial painting and an obsession to create intriguing atmospheres inspired by nature, through good design - and Adam, a designer and builder with the keenest eye for simple, but highly specialized design, and all the capabilities in the world to bring the ideas to life.

We work together, fine-tuning the other. 

The name SARKOS comes from an Ancient Greek word that translates to the
tactile sense of our human and earthly spirit; the depth of our soul resides in our

We make hand-painted wallpapers that add luxury, texture and beauty to any
interior setting. All of our papers are inspired by the natural landscape of Greece, from the strata of earth beneath our feet to the starry cosmos above. Dreamy memories of our times there come through distinctly in the palette – the green-grey of lush olive groves, fierce gold of the summer sky, and the deep blue of the Korinthian Sea. In our Brooklyn, NY studio, we paint each panel by hand from start to finish, and the resulting variations in color and texture are what set our papers apart. Without mechanical repetition of traditional wallpaper, our paper has a life of its own, and each installation is one of a kind.

In the ENd, it’s all about feeling, space for thought and what comes through each hand-painted panel and each hand-built piece.

Here are the excellent people who have been integral to the formation of SARKOS.         
We thank them everyday!

Brooklyn Fabrication - logistical, laughs, styling, design & build extraordinaires.

Herta Silva  - logo & website design, and so many other things.

Aaron Hawks - photographer!

Matt Austin- designer/artist of the amazing gold and wood sculptures in our photos.

AHeirloom- friend with vast amounts of biz forming inspiration and advise